Coastal Asphalt installs, replaces, and repairs all types of concrete including sidewalks, curbs, and flatwork.

Well-maintained sidewalks are necessary to keep your property looking great as well as safe. In both commercial settings and residential communities, properly maintained sidewalks, curbs, and aprons are attractive to the eye as well as a matter of safety, reducing liability of trip hazards and falls. 


pervious paversPervious Pavers

Along with more functional concrete work, we also offer services with pervious pavers and pervious concrete to add beauty to your driveway, walkway, or patio space.

Pervious, or permeable, pavers and concrete allow water to pass through and reduces runoff. The concrete and pavers come in a variety of styles and colors and can be arranged in numerous eye-catching patterns. Pervious concrete and pavers are also easy to maintain and clean and can help reduce the environmental impact of water runoff.


Concrete Q&A

How long must concrete cure?

The time it takes concrete to cure varies depending on the additives of the concrete mix being used. The standard time is seven days for concrete to cure where there is little to no traffic and when no additives are used in the concrete mix. While it adds to the cost of the project, this time can be shortened to 3 to 4 days if special additives are incorporated in the concrete mix.


curbingWhy replace a curb or gutter?

If the curb is cracked, broken, or chipped, it is time to consider replacement. Also, if the flow line of the water comes to the edge or if the water flow is interrupted by tree roots or settling, it is time to replace.


If the sidewalk is so severely cracked by tree roots that the joints are displaced, we typically remove the root and replace the sidewalk. If the damage is minor, we can grind the area to make it a smooth surface.