Our purpose

  When we chose to launch our asphalt business, we knew the competition.

  But instead of following the industry standard, we wanted to provide something different.

  We wanted to create a company that cared more about clients than profits. We wanted to focus on customers and provide outstanding service. We wanted to put people first, no matter the cost.

  With the launch of Coastal Asphalt in 2008 as a family-owned and operated business, we began that journey of relying on honesty, hard work, and building a solid reputation in the community.

  We are committed to placing the customer first in every job, on every project. We strive to build growing relationships with clients and will do what it takes to not only win your business, but your trust.

  If you contact us, we’re going to be there. Our word is our bond, and we take pride in standing by our word.

  These commitments to client satisfaction are what Coastal Asphalt was founded on and remain the backbone of why we are in business.

  Company founders, Matt and Sherry Winburn, are at the head of the leadership team and take seriously the charge to provide exceptional service.

  We are not building Coastal Asphalt to sell a company for a huge profit. We are building Coastal Asphalt as a legacy for integrity in business.

Our planning

  We know there are a lot of options out there, and we want you to have as much pertinent information as possible to make a sound decision on your needs. This is why we seek to involve you as a client in the estimating and planning process from the very beginning.

  Within three days of your initial contact with Coastal Asphalt, we will make a site visit to your property, take photographs and measurements, and generate a solution for your needs.

  Many times, we can also help you formulate a budget to go along with several choices to suit your needs, from a minimum option to a complete construction or reconstruction package.

  With the information at your fingertips, you are in control and are able to make informed decisions to fit your needs and budget.

  In being able to keep you informed as a client, we at Coastal Asphalt make it a priority to advance our knowledge of the industry and the products available by regularly attending continuing education classes and seminars.

  Those efforts take us yearly to the National Paving Expo. We are also members of the Community Associations Institute, and take part in its annual South Carolina trade show held along the beautiful Grand Strand.

Our prices

  It’s true that you get what you pay for.

  We at Coastal Asphalt admit we are not always the least expensive paving contractor in the area. In fact, if you’re looking for the cheapest price, we’re probably not going to be your choice.

  In the long run, your money is better spent when the job is done properly the first time. This way, you avoid the unnecessary cost and inconvenience of having repairs done later because of poor work.

  Maintaining your assets is key. If your property is not maintained properly, it can cost you much in future repairs.

  Once asphalt is in place, it starts to break down immediately. Natural elements such as the sun, salt, wind, and rain erode asphalt and cause oxidation. Coastal Asphalt can help slow down the process by helping you to maintain your assets with our expert skills and commitment to quality work.

Our People

  Along with complete customer satisfaction as an important foundational base is Coastal Asphalt’s dedication to recruiting team members who share the same business philosophy.

  We employ people who are eager to exceed our clients’ expectations, who care about their work, and have a great deal of integrity. Employees of Coastal Asphalt are hard workers who are respected by their superiors and treated well.

  We go against the grain of the normal paving contractor appearance, with clean equipment, corporate uniforms, and smiling faces.

  We want people working at Coastal Asphalt who enjoy their profession and take pride in their work.

  Happy employees make for happy clients.

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