When we chose to launch our asphalt business, we knew the competition.

  But instead of following the industry standard, we wanted to provide something different.

  We wanted to create a company that cared more about clients than profits. We wanted to focus on customers and provide outstanding service. We wanted to put people first, no matter the cost.

  With the launch of Coastal Asphalt in 2008 as a family-owned and operated business, we began that journey of relying on honesty, hard work, and building a solid reputation in the community.

  We are committed to placing the customer first in every job, on every project. We strive to build growing relationships with clients and will do what it takes to not only win your business, but your trust.

  If you contact us, we’re going to be there. Our word is our bond, and we take pride in standing by our word.

  These commitments to client satisfaction are what Coastal Asphalt was founded on and remain the backbone of why we are in business.

  Company founders, Matt and Sherry Winburn, are at the head of the leadership team and take seriously the charge to provide exceptional service.

  We are not building Coastal Asphalt to sell a company for a huge profit. We are building Coastal Asphalt as a legacy for integrity in business.