Project Profile - Crow Creek

Scope of Work

Installation of Subgrade Drainage System

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Dear Matt,

The Board of Directors of the Woodlands and I would like to express our complete satisfaction to you and your company for the recent project that was completed at the Woodlands.

This was a condominium complex which contains 16 buildings and numerous parking lots. The coordination with management about dates that lots were to be sealed went flawlessly.

Hats off to you and your crew for making this large endeavor work so well. We recently had our Annual Meeting and everyone was happy with our “fresh” look.

As Property Manager one thing that I appreciated was the proactive approach you took to this project. The property was inspected and several locations were noted that had drainage problems. These areas were repaired prior to sealing and now are in great shape.

Again, on the behalf of the Board of Directors, we appreciate the way the project was handled and we look forward to a continued relationship with you and Coastal Asphalt.

Theron H. Miller LCAM
For The Board Of Directors
Woodlands at Crow Creek Owners’ Association, Inc.