We enjoy our jobs here at Coastal Asphalt and love to talk about how we can benefit your business. These new “What We Have Here” videos with Chris Jones have been a fun way to get valuable, problem-solving information to the public.

This video is the first in a new series featuring common asphalt construction issues and how to solve them. Here, Chris, in his ever-distinctive and always endearing Southern drawl, shows our recent extension of a parking lot at an area Myrtle Beach campground.

This brief video does a great job of showing how we rely on the skills of our expert team members, along with modern machinery, to properly execute our projects. We value our family of employees for their expertise and flexibility in making sure jobs are completed thoroughly and professionally.

Be on the look out for more “What We Have Here” videos as we show solutions to common asphalt construction problems such as grading, paving, asphalt repair and patching, sink holes, and sealcoating at projects in the Myrtle Beach and Coastal areas.