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Underground Camera System

Coastal Asphalt’s underground camera system allows for inspection and assessment of underground infrastructure and drainage pipelines. This modern technology along with our in-house Pipeline Assessment Certified Program (PACP) technicians, we can assess the deterioration and/or any intrusive damage to your drainage system(s). By proactively identifying these potential drainage failures, Coastal Asphalt can provide you with the information you need to address the issues before they become costly breaks and/or blockages. Our closed circuit television (CCTV) pipeline camera is remotely launched into drainage pipelines allowing a clear internal view for the survey of failures, obstructions, or evaluation of the integrity of the pipeline. This technology allows us to accurately pinpoint problems without expensive exploratory excavation of the pipe. Along with established communities, the CCTV camera is also a valuable tool when inspecting new construction to identify any possible problems prior to final project completion.



Coastal Asphalt offers all-inclusive sitework packages, with projects ranging in size from small parking lots to major subdivisions. Our capabilities include grading and excavating as well as providing stormwater drainage, utilities, water and sewer installations (laterals and mainlines) and erosion control. 



  Your parking lot is the first impression visitors have of your property. A well-designed and well-marked parking system encourages customers to return. On the other hand, poorly placed marking and low visibility can be frustrating for everyone.



Coastal Asphalt installs, replaces, and repairs all types of concrete including sidewalks, curbs, and flatwork.



BroomBear webCoastal Asphalt recently acquired a mechanical street sweeper to provide our clients with even more comprehensive solutions to fit their needs.



Once asphalt is in place, it immediately starts to break down. Natural elements such as the sun, salt, wind, and rain erode asphalt and cause oxidation. Sealcoating can help slow down the natural process.

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